May 22, 2009

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Drum in & the art of Poi

Get yourself ready for the midnight mask parade with live drumming workshops from Circadia’s very own Jon Elliot.  He’s beaten the drum at many a mr elephant event, and at our 2nd birthday on Sat May 23rd, he’ll be showing us all how he does it.


“Drumming: Learn the basics of hand percussion: about the drums and instruments, their origins and uses, how to play some basic drum and percussion rhythms – e.g. African, Indian, Cuban & Brazilian, and play together as a group.”

Jon Elliot is part of the luvvit arts based co-operative, who provide music, performance, media and education services through a network of pleasant, talented and reliable people.

Also from the Luvvit co-operative is the talented Poi spinning and Juggling maestro Alice Branson, who will be offering a drop in workshop also open to all ages to learn the skills for juggling and poi

“Children of all ages, come along and learn a new skill. Learning poi increases your flexibility and spatial awareness, as well as looking cool! Juggling improves hand eye coordination and means you will never be lost for a party trick! Provided you want to learn, I will teach you to perform at least one amazing trick with these disciplines”

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