Who We Are

Mr Elephant is a large mammal made up of many humans. The core team consists of around 5 – 10 people, the collective network is around 100-150, and the people who create the atmosphere currently orbits around a mailing list of 1800 – 2000

In an effort to shine a light on these humans, and get you connected up if you are looking for them, here are a few more details (and links where available) to our team and participating friends thus far.

If you would like join the mailing list please feel free to subscribe (just add your email in the right hand sidebar), and if you would like to get involved (at any level), please see how to here and feel free to email us anytime.

UPDATE : This page was written a year or so in to Mr Elephant, and really needs updating fully but in order to retain the info from the time and go some way to  updating it with the 30 or so events since, here is an extra page on my site with links to all the artists who’ve performed at the events – http://www.marcreck.com/events/10-years-of-promoting

And here is a page with all the videos of the events. – http://www.marcreck.com/events/event-videos

If you want to get in touch with anyone from behind the scenes or on the stage feel free to get in touch

Mr Elephants Mixtape for Friends Cover


Marc Reck www.marcreck.com is our music and event curator, one of our resident dj’s and is one of the founding members of Mr Elephant Presents. He has 10 years of events management experience, 11 years of djing experience, 12 years of music experience, and brings a wide spectrum of self taught skills to Mr Elephant, including web developing, video editing, flyer design and project management to name but a few. Marc was recently voted local Dj of the year in the Night Times Awards in December 2008 and currently has 6 residencies in his hometown of Birmingham. He is also a core member of Project X Presents, bought us the 1st 6 Rockfall events with Boogie Dave, has a wide range of music commisions including New vibes, & various soundtrack work, and has years of teaching experience ranging from special needs music workshops, community dj workshops to custom made music production courses. Since day 1, Marc has worked relentlessly on the many strands of Mr Elephant as a whole, on a mission to use them to showcase parts of his home city, and some of the people in in, whilst also providing an engaging and accessible platform on many levels. From promoting events, to hosting workshops, from producing radio shows, to developing the website, all work (by all the Mr Elephant collective) is done for free, & hopefully goes some way in shining a light on Birmingham’s wealth of underground and creative culture.

Pyn Stockmanwww.dramask.com is our workshop and performance co-ordinator and is one of the founding members of Mr Elephant Presents. She has over 10 years experience working in the arts as designer and director, with a particular interest in community projects and events, and a passion to inspire learning. In 2003 she founded community arts organization Dramask, which specializes in projects incorporating a range of art forms, and enabling participants to work with professional artists in order to create performances and events, and since then has grown Dramask into one of the leading community arts providers working in a wide range of settings, from the CBSO, to Warwickshire Arts, from schools to club events, alongside her own creative practice as an accomplished mask maker and drama practitioner, working with a huge list of theatre companies, mask makers and mask performers. Pyn has a deep interest in taking the arts to new audiences, and in using cross artform collaboration to make the arts accessible and engaging. Since the first Mr Elephant event Pyn has provided a mutitude of ways for revellers to get involved with the event and also to get creative in the social environment, from hosting creative and family workshops in the day to enabling revellers to perform as interactive performers, or be part of the midnight parade via a range of engaging and accesible methods, all of which have proved hugely succesful in grabbing the audience’s imagination.

Liam D’authreau – www.blendstate.com is our resident Vj, who also works on many other areas of the events. Liam hosted the indymedia screen at our 2nd event at Epic Skate Park and since then has become a core part of Mr Elephant working on many areas of the events from websites and design, to promotion and organising (and in June 2009 launched one of his own elephant events – cinephonic!) He is quickly gaining a strong reputation for creating and delivering innovative and inspiring visual work, and is one of the leading vjs in Birmingham, currently working alongside various dance companies, vjing in most of the underground events in birmingham, and producing impressive video productions and webdesign projects for clients from the bbc to local graphitti artists. From october 2009 Liam also furthered his own promoting experience by managing 2 of the Mr Elephant events, and continues to evolve his imaginative Vj work. Hardworking, postive, peaceful, and very talented.

The Beat Suite (aka Skeleton & Dolhasz)http://thebeatsuiterhubarbradio.blogspot.comEver since our 2nd Cinephonic Event (where Dolhasz & Skeleton were our special guests), The Beat Suite have become a firm fixture on the musical side of Mr Elephant due to their diverse musical taste, great djing skills and a deep passion for the music. They became Mr Elephant residents from October 2009, and complimented the audio side beautifully, with their ability to rock the crowd, play a wide range of music, and also bring a whole different side of the underground, all of which is a testament to their guest appearances, and their residencies at Trigger & Secret Wars (Skeleton), and Open Beats (with Dolhasz). You can experience their love of bass music at both the Party Rockin Mammal Sessions & Cinephonic events plus their own show every wednesday night at midnight on http://www.rhubarbradio.com, and and they also host the Mr Elephant Radio Show from time to time.  Aside from their dj and music production skills, between them, they are also a dab hand at web design, soundsystems, graphic design, promoting, amongst other things, plus two top human beings to boot.

Aart Tannerwww.tvsmedia.com has been with Mr Elephant from the 2nd event and has produced much of the graphic design content of 2008, as well as bringing ideas and unrelenting enthusiasm to each event. As one of Birmingham’s most talented up and coming designers, who at the young age of 23 has already carved a strong name for himself within the web and graphic design industry, notably reflected in the fact that he currently works with award design agency T.V.S Media. Aart designs much of the elephant flyers, posters, cd covers, branding and websites logos, and continues to inspire and enthuse with his talents and approach.

Jack Brabant http://www.myspace.com/jackeb83 – Jack is another mammal we met at our 2nd Birthday on an open call out for video makers on facebook. He wanted a platform to create videos for events that he was interested in, and thankfully he’s been into each one, resonates wholeheartedly with the Mr Elephant ethos, and is now a firm part of the collective . The result has been the fantastic videos you’ll see adorning the recent events, and starting a new video/photo/capture business for birmingham. He’s also evolving his current video projects with lleweyan bailey & city tv, and offering custom made services to many local artists, and is now a very in demand video maker.

The Labwww.thelab.org.uk – Tony and the lab has been pushing innovative visual work for years, and Tony himself is an integral part of Mr Elephant. With his warm personality and animated vj performances The lab are currently working with Lisa Lashes, and are the official Edirol touring Vj, alongside their residency with Freecontol. Tony hosted his 1st vj workshop at the Mr Elephant 2nd birthday event on Sat 23rd May, and promises great collaboration in the future by spearheading our forthcoming Mr Elephant Tv. Tony is now a resident with 3 international vjs, and continues to deliver cutting edge performance and video work in his fields.

Emily Poyser – A very talented journalist and press officer that works with the environmental agency, Emily is one of the writers for the news and reviews of Mr Elephant, heads part of the promotion and hosts the door at Party Rockin Mammal Sessions and Cinephonic, has helped Mr Elephant on press, and  marketing, and heads up some of the arts activities at those events like the recent decorate an elephant at our room at Jibbering’s 10th Birthday. Emily has taken her passion and talent for writing from strength and alongside Mr Elephant she also writes regularly for the Night Times publication, and is set to host a range of interviews which will feature on the radio show and this website.

Ashley Clivery – We met Ash at the Mr Elephant 2nd Birthday when he attended the dj workshop, which then started one to one dj lessons with Marc, which has now led onto a collaboration on the Mr Elephant radio show! Ash has a strong ambition of being a radio producer, and  with experience at stations like Kerrang, Ash has serious talent, and wanted to get involved with the show as a producer. Currently due to start from 2010, you can already hear his influence on the new jingles, and we’re looking forward to great things when he’s on board.

James / Izwww.myspace.com/ilovejamesls – James was the first reveller to come to our first event in fancy dress, and ever since has become a real part of the big mammal. One of the first to get involved with our performance (and now an integral part of each big event with her own  interactive performance creations) James also brings her creative flair and promotional talent to that side of the big mammal creating good vibes wherever she goes. At our 2nd birthday she hosted her first workshop and consistently promotes her deep love of the underground nightlife in Brum. A true star set for  big things.


(aka anyone who’s been part of making an elephant event happen


Epic Skate Park / The Prince Of Wales PubEpic was our home for our first two events, (and a lot of skateboarding teenagers), and was setup by Keith and Diane to address the problems of teenagers having no where to go. They also hosted some groundbreaking events there, including the first Project X Presents, but unfortunately one obsessive complainer/mp decided to force them out, so they had to move. Epic is still there, but Keith and Diane now host the Prince of Wales pub in Moseley, with probably the best beer garden in Brum, and whch hosted our first Family alldayer in 2008.

The Hare and Houndswww.hareandhoundskingsheath.co.uk After our first birthday party there in April in 2008, and the longest day festival, we’re huge fans of this award winning venue. With all the fantastic music and spectrum of events that this venue is bringing to Kings Heath, the Hare and Hounds is definitely one of the best places to go in Birmingham, and a real hit with promoters from all over the city. We’re hosting our 2nd birthday there with an allday/til 3am event over 4 rooms, and while there are a few places that could feasibly accomodate workshops and multi room events, there aren’t really any that feel like the hare and hounds in Kings Heath

The Rainbow – www.therainbowpub.com – The new beach, the warehouse, the courtyard and of course the rainbow pub, this 4 room complex is fast becoming the venue in town, and with the license granted for events in adderley street, we expect things of a huge scale to be going down in this place. Our Celebrate Birmingham’s Underground Event on september 20th 2008, was only able to be happen on a beach because of the rainbow, and its warehouse and courtyard are just as special. Again this venue really is one of kind, and one of the only options when considering something on such a large and diverse scale.

The Adam & Eve – www.theadam.co.ukOne of the best live music venues in Digbeth, and our new home from May 2009 for our monthly live & free events, the Adam & Eve, oozes warmth, charm and party atmospheres, with its 200 capacity, and 4am license. Always a great place to see really good live music.

The Wagon & Horseswww.myspace.com/wagonhorses – We haven’t done a mr elephant event here yet because of the 2am license, but its a really great space, and they do important stuff each week, often featuring many of regulars, and often run by Dodgy Greg. Well worth a visit.


Dub FX – www.dubfx.netWe are more than excited to have this guy down from Bristol on the 23rd May 2009. He’s one of the best beatbox and loop pedal artists we’ve seen, and just check out his youtube videos for what you can expect. On heavy rotation on the mr elephant radio show, and one of Bass6’s recommendations, Dubfx is an inspiring artist, and we are going to be making a lot of noise about his incredible skills. He has a new album out on May 30th, and his last cd is available from his website, and well worth a tenner.

Alphadrivewww.myspace.com/alphadrive – Our other headliners for the 2009 may bank holiday gig on sat May 23rd, these guys are coming down from Leedsa, and are quickly gaining a reputation for being one of the freshest live dance acts around. Showcasing “a perfect fusion of danceable dub, breaks and electronica” (Raise the Roof Festival. Following a string of high profile appearances at UK festivals and club nights, this up-and-coming live trio have supported acts such as: Atomic Hooligan, Beardyman, The Bays, DJ Deekline, Tayo, Rogue Element, Scratch Perverts, and DJ Yoda. Definitly one to watch.

Free Controlwww.myspace.com/freecontrol – Free Control make great music, and are another band for the 2009 may bank holiday gig on sat May 23rd. With a new album coming soon, and appearances booked for many of the major festivals, these are one to watch out for in a big way.

Circadiawww.myspace.com/circadirka / http://en-gb.facebook.com/pages/Circadia/41719392713 – These guys have really come into their own this year, and one of the reasons why we are chuffed that they will be performing at our 2nd birthday on the 23rd May 2009. They house a great line up of talented musicians, which include Jon Elliot has been one of the percussionists since our 2nd event, and is himself a multiskilled instrumentalist.

The Heelswww.myspace.com/theheelsska – need no introduction, and fire up any venue they set foot in. Having recently toured with The Beat, and one of the most well known and talented bands in Birmingham, we are looking forward to their Elephant debut at our 3rd live and Free and the Adam & Eve on June 20th 2009.

Origami Soundshttp://www.myspace.com/origamisounds – These guys were seen by our designer Aart, when he was at a festival in Croatia, and recommended as a “have to book for mr elephant” band. Obviously we have, and you can check them out on May 30th at our 2nd Live and Free event at the Adam & Eve.

Playing Djangowww.playingdjango.com – Anyone who can play Django Reinhardt, and Stefan Grupelli in our book, have to be very extremely talented musicians, and these guys really can. We first heard two of the guitarists when they came and played at our 1st family day at the Prince in 2007, and now with a full band, featuring some amazing musicians from other top brummie bands, you can hear for yourselves at our 1st Live & Free event in April 24th.

Munchbreakwww.munchbreak.com – need no introduction and have been a firm brummie favourite since forming in 2001. Described as “a hungerbusting fried funk special with crispy hip hop and lashings of reggae gravy”, this collective of muti-talented musicians, djs, and producers have been igniting and filling venues all over birmingham since their legendary moseley jam sessions, with 2 albums to date, and a third one just been released. Munchbreak are due on stage around Midnight at our 1st Live & Free event in April 24th 2009

Laura Louisewww.myspace.com/lauralouiseowen – Hailing from New Zealand, Laura is a huge talent, and somewhat undiscovered on these shores. An amazing voice, and multi instrumentalist, she creates beautiful layers and well crafted songs with her loop pedal and a microphone. She performed a great set at the gigbeth fringe show, and we welcome her back for our our 2nd birthday on the 23rd May 2009.

Smiley Micwww.smileymic.co.ukis a live-looper and effectively a modern day one man band, creating whole arrangements live on stage by playing several instruments into a loop pedal. From acoustic singer songwriter stuff to hip-hop style beats with some funk thrown in, Smiley Mic plays guitar, bass, glockenspiel, and while he doesnt class himself as a beatboxer) he creates all the parts organically, whilst looping vocals into harmonies and mixing all of these elements together into one live show. He performed a great show at the Gigbeth fringe event with cid music, so we cant wait to see what he creates at our 1st Live & Free event on April 24th 2009.

Bass6www.myspace.com/rhythmandbassWhat can we say about the beatboxer Bass6, other than that he’s a legend. With superb hosting skills, a inspiring attitude and a huge range of skills from beatboxing to workshops, this guy always makes everyone feel great, and his own productions are opening doors all over the country. He hosted our Midnight poodle parade on the beach at Celebrate Brums Underground, and he’s back for our next big event on Sat 23rd May 2009. He’s not to be missed

Crash Repeatwww.myspace.com/crashrepeatA band we wholly support and fronted by our the infamous Captain Smithers, you need to check these out, and show the love to a very hardworking band.

Rich Batsford – www.richbatsford.comA core member of Project X Presents, one of Birmingham’s finest piano players, and all round top bloke, Rich Batsford is one of Birminghams’s musical treasures, and his music has been compared to that of the great steve reich, Keith Jarret, Michael Nyman, Claude Debussy, and Brian Eno. His debut album is currently free to download on his website, and his live performances are not to be missed. Check the valentines day Mr Elephant Radio show for a live recording of a gig from 2007.

Mama Matrixwww.myspace.com/mamamatrix A great band who rocked our birthday party. Mama Matrix are an exciting five piece band based in Birmingham UK. Heavily influenced by Balkan gypsy music, they play their own blend of Zappaesque, Gypsy Punk Madness, and never fail to ignite any venue they play in. One of the best bands in Birmingham in our honest opinion.

Kelsang – www.myspace.com/kelsangni9e – Beautiful hilled Electronic Music and a persoanlity that can vibe up any dancefloor

Samba Central www.myspace.com/sambacentralThey came and rocked 3 rooms at our first event in 2007, leading our very first midnight mask parade. We salute you mighty samba central.


Jon Elliot (Circadia) – http://en-gb.facebook.com/people/Jon-Elliott/610234114Jon Elliot is another brummie legend, and has been one of the percussionists since our 2nd event, and is himself a multiskilled instrumentalist. Always up for getting involved with anything musical..(or that looks like fun) and now part of the mighty Circadia. Top bloke and a skilled workshop leader. Catch him on all 3 at our May 23rd Bank Holiday Festival.

Gaz (Mooncup) – http://www.myspace.com/dj_mooncupOne of the original percussionists and a great dj, Gaz was one of the famous 5 who rocked our first event at Epic, and went onto to perform at Drop beats and custom Made events. He also hosts a radio show and works on his own music.

Rich W (Elephant Drums) – http://en-gb.facebook.com/people/Richard-Wanklin/745974637We first met Rich at our first family alldayer, where he made the first Mr Elephant drums and gave drum skinning demonstrations. In return our resident gave his son a live dj lesson, and ever since that Rich has led the percussion parade at the Celebrate Undergound Event, and is set to host Mr Elephant Drums. After a long search, we can honestly say that his djembes are truly amazing quality, both in build and sound quality and for around half the price of other pro grade djembes! A man with a real grassroots passion for making drums and a pleasure to be around.

Yanniswww.myspace.com/frutalokamusicBassplayer, percussionist, and supporter of music, Yannis loves to jam, and his band Fruitaloko are going from strength to strength. He’s performed in our midnight percussion parade ever since the birthday party in 2008, and we hope he will continue on his inspiring musical journeys.

Paulo Riddlewww.myspace.com/thehiddenhalfA multi talented Percussionist, and inspiring musician, Paulo has many musical projects, and a desire to jam! he Rocked our Celebrate Underground event, and performed at the last big Project X Event in 2008.

Nath – www.myspace.com/public_hairOne of the original percussionists and now travelling the world, Nath was one of the famous 4 who rocked our first events at Epic, and went onto to perform at Drop beats and custom Made events.

Chandrawww.myspace.com/whatissoulOne of the original percussionists and an all round top bloke, Chan was one of the famous 4 who rocked our first events at Epic, and went onto to perform at Drop beats and custom Made events.

Mylo – One of the original percussionists and a talented producer, with his various studio projects, Mylo was one of the famous 4 who rocked our first events at Epic, and went onto to perform at Drop beats and custom Made events.

Pete M Dixon – The man who helped create our Diy Samba parade at our 1st birthday bash in 2008, and performed with Samba Central on the first. A very talented musician, producer and sound engineer, who has worked with a who’s who of the Birmingham musical scene from both sides of the desk.

Tom – A great percussionist who we met and jammed with at Celebrate Underground event on Sep 2008.

Animal – A great percussionist who we met and jammed with at Celebrate Underground event on Sep 2008.

Dibble – A great percussionist who we met and jammed with at Celebrate Underground event on Sep 2008.

Charlie Brown – A great percussionist who we met and jammed with at Celebrate Underground event on Sep 2008.


Jerome Hill – www.myspace.com/djjeromehillA huge techno and breaks artist, and an international legend in his own right, we can’t quite get our hat on that he’s going to be headlining the dance Osmosis stage at our may bank holiday gig on sat May 23rd 2009! Prepare yourselves.

Sir Real (H.O.G) – www.myspace.com/djsirreal – A Birmingham Legend, whose been rocking floors and making great electronic music for over a decade. Despite being one of the residents behind Brums most famous/important Techno event House of God, Sir Real plays a massive range of electronic music, and rocked the house with techno, electro and breaks at our second event at Epic Skate Park with a huge back to back set with our resident Marc Reck. Neil Spragg himself is top bloke and his Sir real alterego quite simply rocks dancefloors.

Dk Roon (Osmosis) – www.myspace.com/osmosiseventsAnother brummie techno legend, Dk Roon always sets the dancefloor on fire, whether he’s rockin his residency at the mighty Osmosis, or guesting at the summer festivals. Roon is a top man, and an inspiring dj, and will be headling with Dk Roon on Sat May 23rd 2009.

Olly Badaboon (Digiphunk) – www.myspace.com/badaboonFrom his 1st back to back set with Boogie Dave at our first event, to the last party rockin mammal sessions, Olly is a great dj of funk and party breaks, and with his own events filling the floors, his funk ass stylin, is always a great pleaser. Top man, and a great dj.

R Caine (Dj Joust/Rockfall) – www.myspace.com/djrcaineOne of the sets of our Celebrate Underground gig in sep 2008, Dj R Caine is a great party rockin mammal, and why we’ve invited him back for our Party Rockin Mammal Sessions on May 1st 2009. A great producer, promoter and dj of all things breakbeat, and one to watch on the label front in 2009.

Munchbreak Djs – www.myspace.com/munchbreakHip Hop, Funk, Scratching, and genre blending, these two djs from the mighty munchbreak are skilled in the ways of the ninja dj, cutting up records and setting off parties. Hear them at our first live and free gig on Fri April 24th 2009

Olbi Iyah (Lombard Royale) – www.rhubarbradio.com/djs/olbi-iyah.aspxOlbi is a great selecta of reggae, roots and ragga jungle, with a great radio show on rhubarb, and the awesome Lombard Royale events at various venues in Brum, Olbi knows how to throw a great party and has a great selection of vinyl to boot. He played a great selection of reggae and ragga at our 3rd party rockin mammal session, and has some great events lineup in 2009.

Dj Smokedog (Fire Gathering) – www.myspace.com/smokedog5Dj Smokedog, who simply put, has a relentless passion for what he terms “proper old school” and “classic jungle” With over 15 years experience, Smokedog is a familliar face in the festival and free party scene, and no stranger to rockin hoards of party mammals with a record collection that is brimming with music from the days before the criminal justice bill came in. He blew the roof off at our 2nd Party Rockin Mammal Sessions, and we can’t wait to invite him back. Jon is a proper top man.

Sam Redmore (Freestyle/Leftfoot) – www.myspace.com/samredmoreSam redmore is a great dj, and plays a wide selection of music in an innovative way, making a lot of edits to old tunes, and working hard on his cds which span a huge range of styles. Resident at the mighty leftoot, and with a string of gigs on the more funk side of the water, Sams a great dj, and his freestyle event is building with each event. He rocked our Celebrate Brums Underground, and was our first party rockin mammal dj.

Matt Tilley (Bunka) – www.myspace.com/bunkatechMatt’s bunka events and his guest appearances put him firmly on the map as a leading minimal dj. Another great set at our celebrate birmingham underground gig, Matt is a great dj, promoter and a very talented designer to boot.

Dani C (Funkatronic/Sumo) – http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=53954811425&ref=tsDani C’s rocked our celebrate birminghams underground and the longest day festival, and is as good a promoter as he is a dj. Versatile, hardworking and positive, his energy flows into his sets, and make for memorable events. Top bloke, and a great dj.

Tom Automaton (Scratch Club) – www.myspace.com/tomearko A brummie legend, back from the days of Boogie Down Brum, then Earko, and now Scratch Club. Tom’s a great promoter and very versatile dj, who can scratch, cut, rock, and produce killer tunes. Now with a string of international gigs, and releases on a load of forward thinking electronic labels, Tom’s a multi-talented individual, and an important longstanding part of the birmingham underground scene. With Bass6 on the mic, he scratched and jammed in our midnight parade on the beach at our Celebrate Birmingham’s Underground gig, along with 15 percussionists, and some of his own cuts. Another top brummie.

Mark Smallman (Custom Made) –www.dontstayin.com/parties/custom-made Great dj, inspirational promoter, top bloke, and a force on the dancefloor, Mark has bought culture, music and great memories to brum, and continues to put on some of the best events in brum with his and shona’s custom made events, which won best small promotion in the night times awards. He rocked our Celebrate underground gig, and guests at many of the more diverse but equally party rockin dancefloors in birmingham. Superb fellow!

Justin Bond (Loafers Lounge)- www.myspace.com/loafersloungeJustin’s played at our family alldayer, celebrate underground and the longest day festival and each time has played beautiful record after beautiful record. A legend in his own right, stretching back from before the boogie down brum, Justin has bought many a great artist and beatiful chillout record to our fair city, and has some exciting projects in the pipeline. If you need design, he’s also a very talented designer by trade, and was the man behind those memorable posters for our family day.

Adie Bwww.myspace.com/adiebeeThe 3rd of the sexual allstars and now part of Rockfall, Adie is a great dj, sound engineer, and all round good egg. He came through and made our indymedia screen against all the odds at our 2nd event, and rocked the floor with a great breaks set.

Kaiser Saysowww.myspace.com/kaisersaysoThe other half of the Sexual Allstars, Si’s now pioneering his dj dojo workshops, and this year concentrating more on his productions. Si is a great dj, who can scratch, as well as rock the floor, and a very focused talent in many areas. Watch out for his forthcoming productions.

Dj Lopan www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=39935960785&ref=tsSteve Lopan is a great breaks dj, and was our first headliner back at Epic. With an unforgettable back to back set with our resident Marc Reck, Steve has trailblazed floors all over Brum, and is now the proud owner of Sumo Soundsystem, one of brums best local breaks nights, and one he runs with other resident heavyweight and elephant favourite Dani C. Steve is packed with personality and plays great records.

Boogie Dave www.myspace.com/boogiedaveThe man behind Drop Beats Not Bombs, and co-promoter of Rockfall and Mybass, Boogie is a legend in Birmingham, and a great dj to boot. Used to be all about the breaks and now its all about the dubstep, Boogie Dave, like Hicks, Prince (Cher, and Sting! ;), and is known by one word and loved by many! 🙂 A very important part of Birminghams rich Tapestry.

32 dmwww.facebook.com/group.php?gid=57772833184 – Catch Iain and Ed’s multi decks and efx live mashup in the osmosis room at our event on Sat may 23rd 2009. Definitly party rockin mammals!


Ruth H Robinson – is a freelance artist from Birmingham. Ruth produces work that continually feeds into and inspires her critical investigation of the role of art in society, and its systems and class distinctions, which is further informed and inspired by current issues, and exists as practical social activity at a grass roots level, and as exhibitions. For Mr Elephant Ruth produced 3 reports in 2008, exploring the current issue of regeneration in Digbeth, (inspired by the recent issues with established venues like the Spotted Dog), and explored activities that explore the the social, political and economic issues that surround regeneration.

Lucy Nichollswww.lucy-nicholls.co.ukLucy Nicholls is a freelance artist working with theatre, dance and performance. She runs educational and recreational workshops, classes and programmes for all ages as well as her own creative work and performances. Lucy appeared as one of the tourists in our celebrate underground event, and will be hosting workshops in the future. Hugely talented individual

Elin Morganwww.facebook.com/people/Elin-Morgan/565086069 – is a talented sculptor and artist from Birmingham, who has a strong connection with archetypal issues that affect us all. She is currently exploring the world of video animation, and merging that with her clay modeling and camera skills, to produce video and animation for Mr Elephant which aims to share archetypal stories at the summer events alongside some proposed workshops.


Birmingham Dance Collective – An inspiring dance collective from Birmingham who have always pushed the boudaries of dance, and performed at many of the early Mr Elephant events. Now residing in various places around the country, B.D.C continue to pioneer dance in an array of locations.

Khalghani Belly Dance www.myspace.com/dawnobrienAnother mind blowing dance collective and a firm favourite on the underground club scene, with an amazing array of hugely talented belly dancers, who run workshops and continue to take the ancient style of dancing into new arenas all over the country. Khalghani have peformed at our 2nd event at Epic, and our 4th at the hare & hounds, alongside Project X Presents, and Rockfall.


Rob Nicholas www.spagettihoops.comRob Nicholas is one of the best up and coming photographers, with a keen eye for killer shots and a great personality.

Dave Piper www.davepiper.org.ukDave Piper is another great photographer we’ve been blessed to work with at our events and you just need to check out his work to see what we mean.

Alina Ha – http://homepage.mac.com/alinaha/alinahaphotography/contact.htmlAlina is another amazing photographer, who has captured many of the finest pictures of our events.

Visual Artists/Vjs

Leon Trimblewww.chromatouch.wordpress.com is a visual artist from Birmingham, and provided many of the visual delights you may have witnessed at early mr elephant’s. He has a huge range of experience at many of the clubs, concerts and music festivals in the U.K, a fantastic beard, and is well known for exciting and innovative visuals and stage screen layouts.


Dodgy Greg www.myspace.com/111367772 (notably not dodgy in the slightest), is one of Birmingham’s hardest working underground sound and light providers for live underground music in Birmingham. While venues we inhabit often have inhouse sound and lighting, Greg has provided light and sound on many occasions and is our first choice for our outside events, currently with a range of marquess and sound equipment for hire, and he himself being no stranger to promoting with his weekly underground live Subvert events at the wagon and horses. What sets Greg apart is his friendly approach, and adaptablity and dedication to delivering high quality custom made setups, regardless of whatever budget is available.

Peter Maxwell Dixonwww.bassnote.co.ukThe man who helped create our Diy Samba parade at our 1st birthday bash in 2008. A quality sound engineer, who can turn sofas into swivvelling phone boxes, and is as comfortable in the studio as he is behind the mixing desk.

Evolve Productions www.myspace.com/evolve_productionsJock from Evolve did the sound and lights for our first event and did a cracking job, so here’s his and Suz’s website.

Liam Lights – has a wealth of experience of lighting from small clubs to huge theatre productions, and has provided the lighting for our larger outdoor events with his Dmx controlled lights and conscientious friendly approach. In 2009 he has moved onto new creative territories, but still has a range of lights for small scale situations, and can put you in touch with like minded people for anything bigger.

Slick Eventswww.slickevents.org No tech section is complete without mentioning Birmingham based Slick Events, who a lot of our collective have worked with on many large (and small) scale events. A one stop solution for all your tech, stage, lights and sound needs, Rick and Jane offer a great service and work with your budget to deliver what you need.

Local Businesses/Stalls

Lentil Fashion www.mzfitzau.blogspot.comLyndall Fitzgerald and her Lentil stalls consist of great clothes, useful creations, and and a wealth of recycling tips. Her stall was a huge success at our Celebrate Bhams Underground event, and her work takes on many forms, most recently being showcased as poetry in the last big Project X Presents event in 2008.

Youth Decay Clothingwww.sarahaccident.comSarah & Mizz are another great example of Brums multi-talented individuals who not only make great music in their respective bands, but also come together to make stunning range of clothes. All designed and produced by themselves, youth decay exists online and deserves support from anyone who loves individual fashion as much as they do.

Zen www.thezenshop.co.ukAlongside their holistic therapies, and workshops, Zen also sell herbal highs, important literature, and a massive amount of other merchandise. A Family run and very friendly business located in the centre of Moseley (and in brindley place) zen are an important part of the birmingham landscape, and have hosted stalls at our events ever since the beginning.

Manic Organic CafeMultimap of where they areOur favourite local cafe. and a well known food source at festivals. The best veggie burgers, and a choice menu made with real organic ingrediants, we were proud to have Manic Organic share their delights at our first birthday bash and suggest you go have lunch sometime. 🙂

Marva’s Carribean Shop – Although this isnt the title of her shop, you can find her, just down the road from manic organic in Kings heath. Marva not only is one of the finest cooks in Birminhgam, but is one of the most warm and friendly peoplein the area. She supplied the tasty and affordable food at our celebrate underground event, and will be cookin up a storm at our next big event on Sat May 23rd 2009 at the Hare and Hounds. UPDATE : Carribean Sam has recently moved from da heath, but Marva’s food will still be appearing 🙂


Dom – Dom is another local legend, who has vibing up the dancefloors at the elephant events from the early days and now is a part of making them happen. His first review of our Celebrate Underground event and his last review and interview surrounding our 2nd birthday both being featured as a main feature in the Night Times publication. With himself also an integral part of the performance, and now relocating to bring his magic to Berlin, Dom is another muti-talented mammal who brings the party wherever he goes.

Charlie Hill – Charlie is a local author and book critic for the guardian. As someone who took a keen interest in Mr Elephant we are looking forward to Charlie’s own column and local writing competition. Coming soon on this website.

Dave Moore – Like many of the participating mammals that make up Mr Elephant, Dave is known for many things creatively. His experience and skills behind the sound engineer desk are as renowned as his stage and sound rigging skills (currently setting up the que club and jiobbering warehouses) One of his current passions is journalism though, with experience of writing for the bbc and local ents publications. Expect to see reviews and interviews on the Mr Elephant site real soon.