What We Do

Mr Elephant is a phat mammal on a big mission. Since January 01 2007, a collective of like minded humans have come together to create groundbreaking events, a large 3 part radio show, elephant workshops, and this website. These are at the heart of Mr Elephant Presents, and all aim to bring together and showcased the wealth of underground and creative sock rockin’ culture that Birmingham has to offer, whilst hopefully offering you plenty of ways to get involved in the carnival style celebrations.

It’s been hard to define what we do over the years, mainly because it changes, so here’s an interview (click on cutting below review) and a recent overview both featured in the night times which give more info about the background.


We recognise that most people love a wide spectrum of music and experience, so we have a range of events and residencies in Birmingham, all of which aim to encourage celebration, community interaction, and share a wealth of Birmingham culture.

The main events are the bigger festival style ones at the larger venues, which aim to encompass all of the elements of the other events.

The other intermittent (and sometimes related) ones are the Family Events

And then there are the monthly residencies at 3 Birmingham venues all of which aim to offer a different experience.

1st Friday of every Month @ upstairs at the Bulls Head, we have the dancefloor and dj based Party Rockin Mammal Sessions

2nd Saturday of every Month @ the Hare & Hounds, we have on rotation the brand spanking new AV night from Vj Blendstate aka Cinephonic,

and its sister night the Interactive remix event aka Intermix

And on the live music side, we have our monthly Live & Free @ the Adam & Eve every month, featuring some of the best live music and djs for free til 4am.

(Normally this is the destined for the last saturday of the month, but this does fluctuate so please check the listings 🙂


We also have a radio show every Monday evening on www.rhubarbradio.com hosted by our resident dj Marc Reck with a huge range of music.

Where possible the tracklistings (with last fm links to the artists), plus the recorded shows, special mixes (and some cd artwork) should all be available on our radio section, where you can also hear the show, alongside the listen again option on the rhubarb page, and from the player on Marc’s own dj site.


In collaboration with Dramask, and local workshop providers, we are currently working on a programme of workshops in a grassroots fashion with a very inspiring collective of people who can deliver them. We’ve hosted free drop in workshops, family workshops, and hands on experience all of which are  designed to get you involved with various strands of the events, and enable you to be part of the events celebrations on a more involved level, or of course further your chosen creative interests.

In 2007/8 we have hosted mask workshops, drum skinning demonstrations, juggling workshops, dj drop in sessions, and enabled members of the community to perform with the performers at our larger events.

In 2009  we hosted our first programme of workshops, all of which were free, and which gave people of all ages and backgrounds the opportunity to try vjing, animation, beatboxing, drumming, mask decorating, poodle making, juggling, djing, and music making to name but a few.

They were be held by very generous local workshop providers, some of which hosted their first workshop, and who all gave their time for free. They were recorded to produce Elephant Tv, in association with The Lab, and two very cool camera magicians, and where relevant the drop in workshops enabled participants to perform at the event itself on the evening, (e.g the vj workshops) and we are planning to grow this side of Mr Elephant into a useful resource for all involved, with various opportunities already created, and a full programme proposed for the autumn.

Share To Create

Is an project that some of us have been working on for almost a year now, and has grown into a huge organic force of nature. More news soon

Get Involved

Theres been lots of ways people have been involved. From evolving their own creative ambitions to being an integral part of the event on the night, Mr Elephant has always aimed to offer a platform to people of all ages and abilities, to get involved and whereever possible develop whatever it is they love. This open platform has resulted in many opportunities for a whole host of people and their creative ambitions, and the nice thing is that its all happened at a grassroots level, with many creating opportunities that are either financially and/or creatively rewarding.

To name a few they have ranged from underground practices like djing and vjing, performing artforms like dance and performance, creative workshops like mask and music, professional platforms such as videography and webdesign, and local reportage such as journalism and blogging. However we can use the elephant as a platform we try and promote an open door policy, meaning people who are making a living are as welcome as people who want to have a go and get involved. Obviously we strive to create high quality event experiences so these exist on many levels and have been accessible to a range of ages and interests. The events themselves were initally also setup to showcase what we think is great in Birmingham, and the people that are involved with it, and so we try and ensure the same quality control with all parts of the large mammal.

Alongside this we have also have been creative about ways that revellers can get involved on the night especially at our larger festival style events. From the midnight mask parade to performing with “the tourists”… From poodle making to live percussion jams, we invite you to get interactive with mr elephant, whilst providing a multi genre, party rockin’  experience for all those who simply want to celebrate.

We like to operate on a grassroots level, so alongside professionals we have had local people making up the interactive performance, the midnight percussion parade, vjing to international techno artists, playing with renowned live bands, hosting their own stalls, making banners, skinning drums, delivering workshops, designing masks, creating parades, writing reviews, creating videos, taking photographs, making clay models, creating and parading poodles, etc, etc the list goes on, and mr elephant gets larger.

From people with no experience to fully qualified professionals, Mr Elephant has always aimed to provide a platform and opportunities wherever possible, to facilitate people to be doing and developing whatever it is they are interested in at a range of levels, via the various strands of Mr Elephant e.g the events, each time producing inspiring results, all due to local people sharing and collaborating. As we are totally unfunded the amount of time we have to invest in developing can be affected by finding income to pay the bills, but we are continually inspired by whats created and are looking at suitable funding in order to evolve this side or Mr Elephant.

To one and all, the door is always open, so feel free to get in touch and lets see how it can work.