Dec 15, 2009

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Munchbreak, Jam Jah & Home Cooking Toast the Adam & Eve – Nov 2009

Mr Elephant favourites Munchbreak, (this time with multi genre skills of Home Cooking djs) & the mighty Jam Jah once again showed us why Birmingham is packed full of flavour with 2 inspiring live performances and 4 dj sets which kept our last live and free event of 2009 nice and toasty all the way until the 4am close.

Here’s a little video of part one of Munchbreak where they took us back to their seminal jam session days.

Despite being probably the wettest, coldest night we’ve had thus far, nothing seem to hinder a whole pub full of revellers. Robin from Jam Jah kicked things off with their unique blend of roots, reggae, and dancehall.

Robin Jam Jah

Followed by some choice genre hopping funk style crowd pleasing cuts from Maxwell from Home Cooking

Then it was time for the headline live act of the night in the first of two sets. First the Jam session you can see above, and then their full live set. Here’s a little more footage this time from their 2nd set.

and if you want more, do go check out their album. It’s well recommended

P.s there are more photos here and our mr elephant facebook group is here.

  1. Good work ! Was really disapointed to miss this night. 🙁 Outta town this time. Aside from loving all things related to Mr Elephant, these guys (Munchbreak & Jam Jah) are among my favourites in the city. Adam and Eve is a top venue too. Real diversity of music all for free, with a mixed group of people and late bar til 4am! Keep up the good work and thanks for flagging up the album.


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