Apr 25, 2010

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Mr Elephant’s 3rd Birthday Part 2 – Live & Free – Free Party

Part two of our 3rd Birthday Celebrations & our final Mr Elephant event for the forseeable future saw inspired performances from all, and provided a fitting closure to our monthly live & free. We shall really miss both our homes and we’d like to say a massive thank you to the Adam & Eve & the Hare & Hounds for all their support & great work. And of course to everyone who came and created the vibes.

Til we return this will be our last video & photos for the forseeable, so without further ado, here’s a few of the performances caught on the little camera.

And some photos

And the original page with all the artist links


FREE CONTROL – http://www.freecontrol.co.uk are back. Currently storming through the battle of the bands, and with a packed festival schedule, their last gig was pretty much incredible. Somewhere between Lamb & Unkle. Check the video for their sound

FRANK MOON & JOELLE BARKER – These two are musicians of the highest sense. Frank – http://www.myspace.com/frankmoon on the stringed instruments and member of a huge number of bands and sounds from destroyers to desert groove has just come off a world tour and is thankfully in birmingham rehearsing with destroyers. Joelle – http://www.myspace.com/joellebarker is a percussion magician, She teaches, she composes and she jams with a huge range of percussive instruments. See what they magic up together.

DIK GURU –  http://www.myspace.com/dikguru – This man is a legend, and who’s last 2 albums have been creating waves all over the place, both truly deserving of the label Urban Folk. Hilarious tales about Birmingham life & characters presented with great musicianship and instantly likeable charm.

CABSTERS – http://www.myspace.com/cabstars – The full ska band complete with brass section will be performing and kicking up a storm

JAM JAH (Robin G) – http://www.friendlyfiremusic.com/
We’ve said it time and time again, but Jam Jah sound is something to beholden in Birmingham, and is why we at Mr Elephant never fail to get them playing wherever possible. Legends.

JIBBERING (Tangawizi) – http://www.jibbering.com
Jibbering for over 10 years have been bringing bands to Birmingham, the majority of which have gone on to be huge. 1st time we heard Jon play we’ve asked him back ever since. Great music and wonderfully done.

Vj BLENDSTATE – http://www.blendstate.com
A huge part of Mr Elephant ever since the 2nd event where he bought the indymedia films for the chillout room. Now one of the leading vj in Birmingham3 years later, and puts on some wicked events to boot.

THE LAB – http://www.thelab.org.uk

VENUE – http://www.theadam.co.uk
Located on the 50 route at the top of bradford street, in Digbeth, and a short walk from the city centre, the venue has been putting on music events every week for years. A place to chill and chat, as much as it is to see quality local and international bands and / or dance til 4am. There’s a cool heated smoking area, pool table and chilling areas, quality bar and proper friendly staff, great in house engineer and just they’ve spent loads on new bassbins, so expect the sound to be even bigger and crisper than every before.

NB a lot of people have been asking why we are stopping Mr Elephant events as they are all going really well. Truth is is that its a really hard decision but they take up a huge amount of time, and we dont earn money from them. We could spend less time, but they wouldnt be the same, so we are taking some time out to focus on other projects and ways to fund the development of the events.

We will still be running the odd free event, our radio show will continue every week, and we are planning a return to the big festival style events, which was the reason to start it back in 2007.

You can check all the associated video, photos and blog posts for every single event on our website http://mrelephant.marc.carouselcms.co.uk by clicking on the events menu item.

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