Jul 26, 2009

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Live & Free #4 – Birmingham Indie Artists Rock – Sat 25th July 2009

Last night in a  cosy 160 people live music venue in Digbeth called the Adam & Eve, 3 live Birmingham Artists, and 1 alternative dj gathered together to create a night to remember, going by the names of Black Heart Generator, Geordie Blake, Andre Aristotle & The other woman club dj. (Unfortunately Barnesy had to cancel at the last minute due to a broken guitar.)

Live & Free Poster

This was our first rock and indie Live & Free event, and with the mighty Supersonic Festival just around the corner we really weren’t sure how it was going to go. What followed where 3 inspiring live performances & 5 hours of quality djed music, which left our souls touched and our ears ringing!

Cassie from the Other Woman Club djs was introduced to us by Carlo from 444, two individuals who are key in our live music scene. Cassie is one of the leading djs on the local indie scene and has a wealth of experience from promoting the Barfly to writing for the N.M.E. What was special about her djing was that she can work a crowd, has a vast selection of great music, and really knows how to use it. Effortlessly hopping genres, Cassie both engaged the dancefloor, whilst also leading beautifully in and out of each live act. Most definitely someone we hope will be appearing at future events, and you can keep up to speed with her own appearances and projects via this facebook group.

First up on the live stage, was Mr Geordie Blake from Shana Tova, who was performed his first solo set in the history of his impressive career. What followed was a powerful and at times moving display of great musicianship, impressive vocals, and beautifully crafted tracks, which left the listener locked and moved at the same time. Pop hooks with rock guitars and a brilliant voice (even with an apparently sore throat)… Geordie Blake has songs that you want to hear again and again, and i feel is one of our cities hidden gems.

Geordie Blake by Will Marsden
Next up was Andre Aristotle, another artist with a truly great voice. Vocal melodies were hit each time with pitch perfect accuracy, and members of the audience were notably surprised that the whole performance was one man a mic, and a roland 505 groovebox, Dark indie electro pop is the best i can describe it as. which told of tales of ketamine spiked experiences, and portrayals of life in Sheldon, all of  which took you to a place which could have very easily existed in a film, (and probably further exemplified by the nice use of lighting courtesy of the top venue sound engineer.)

Andre Aristotle

Last up were our headliners Black Heart Generator who absolutely blew the roof off. The power generated by only 3 people was immense, and the hooks, musicianship and synergy of the 3 individuals created something raw, and energy fuelled. A perfect balance of punk rock and alternative indie hooks, with a sound that seemed inspired by bands like the Pixies and Nirvana, through to Joy Division and at times even Napalm Death. They finished their set with a great cover of Nirvana’s Molly’s Lips, leaving the crowd hyped and happy.

Black Heart Generator by Will Marsden

The photos above are courtesy of a new member of the Elephant collective who joined us for the evening. Mr Will Marsden, son of Keith & Diane (who you may recall as hosts of our first home at Epic Skate Park, or our 1st family event at the Prince, has recently finished a photography course, and was keen to flex his skills and new slr camera, so we were most chuffed that he was down with the eve. You can check out his work above, and he’ll be appearing next at our 2nd Cinephonic event at the Hare & Hounds on Sat 8th August.

Huge thanks to everyone who came down on sat, and our next live and free will be with none other than Mama Matrix and Laura Louise on Sat August 22nd @ Adam & Eve in Digbeth.

UPDATE : Mr Rich Batsford has written this great write up on website –


Following sensational sets from the Heels, Hidden Half & Flame of Fervour last month, its almost time for our 4th Live & Free event @ the Adam & Eve in Digbeth – this Saturday 25th July.
This month we’re on an alternative, indie, and rock tip with 4 great brummy live artists, and some top alternative djs

Black Heart Generator are our special guests this month, and no stranger to tearin up the live circuit, with each member being in some Birmingham’s best alternative bands on the local scene such as Baxter, Egososo, Koala Grip and The Starries. –

Geordie Blake from Shana Tova, himself as a legend on the rock / indie scene, sharing a history with members of Black Heart Generator back when the Starries toured with Idlewild, will be performing a special one off acoustic set –

Also performing will be the inspiring Barnesy who be showcasing his unique blend of acoustic music and street poetry – http://www.myspace.com/barnesyboy86 …Really someone not to be missed!

And to keep things diverse, we are also welcoming the front man of Recall 34 in his solo guise of Andre Aristotle, with his very cool one man and box electro style outfit. –

And joining us on the decks this month, we are very pleased to welcome The Other Woman Club who are taking a night out of their busy schedule to come and host between the bands and keep you all dancing and a-singing until 4am. –

There’s a load of festi’s on this month, but if you’re not already booked up, come down between 9pm – 4am for bouncing, singing and merriment for what promises to be a great night of live and djed music.

This sat @ the legendary live music venue – The Adam & Eve in Digbeth, Birmingham – http://www.myspace.com/theadammusic

Free entry all night long til 4am.

Next month we’ve got Mama Matrix & Laura Louise on Sat August 22nd 2009!

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