Jun 7, 2009

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Custom Made Party Rockin Mammal Sessions # 6 – Fri 5th June 2009

This month was a blinder for the party rockin mammal stable. Mark Smallman on those wheels of music was a treat,  along side some nice juicy plump sets from our residents.

We only caught a few snaps before the camera ran out, but big props to all who bought the smiles and filled the floor.

some of the party rockin mammals that bought the vibe

Mark Smallman, one of the two legends behind award winning Custom Made events, was one of our first guests in the party rockin sessions who warmed the room up from trip hop, through to breaks with a load of house and 4/4 genres in the middle, all of which rolled out of the soundsystem with real nice bottom end!

Not limited to one style is why Mark is a choice guest for Mr Elephant events, and joined up with Marc for the big Drum and Bass & Jungle finale with ease.

Along with Liam Blendstate, it was fair to say that, T’other Marc of the evening rocked out with some massive new promo’s before launching into a crowd pleasing, wall shaking, drum and bass set, which was full of melody, and uplifting vibes, but extremely dirty!

The Party Rockin Mammal Sessions are seeming to bring back people who are into the wide range of music we try and get through. Our next event on the 1st friday of July will feature a local up and coming legend. He has many aliases, from 32dm, to Dr Pepperspray, from Captain Bluestain, to Iain Wainwright, whatever we call him, you can be sure he’s got one of the biggest record collections (hence his many pseudonyms) and an intense passion for underground dance music..and music in general.

Come check him out on July 3rd 2009 as part of moseley festival. We’ve just read we’re in the programme this year, which is really cool as we didnt know.

Its a shame it’s just down as Mr Elephant – breakbeat and drum and bass, as for all who have been before you will know that that, is but a portion of the large helping served to all party rockin mammals. 🙂

Neverthless we hope you can join us as part of your moseley festival adventures. It seems we are the only part of it geared towards dancing music on the friday, so if you like to dance, we’ll be in the bulls head from 9.30pm.

Its always free btw before 10.30 pm, and our special guest will be joined by our resident Vj and Dj, and our glamourous door host.

S ee you on the dancefloor sock rockers


This month it’s the return of the Custom Made custodian and all round superstar dj Mark Smallman!!

Mark is one of the few djs who can play chillout all the way through to drum and bass. He knows how to rock the party, and his (and shona’s) award winning custom made events are testament to his wide musical tastes and party rockin style.

Mark has played at 2 of our previous events and the whole room was full and rockin from start to finish, so its no surprise that this is going to be one of the highlights of the party rockin mammal sessions for us so far.

Elephant Residents Liam Blendstate and Marc Reck will be once again be attempting to trick Mr Smallman with an wide array of visual and audible delights from film scenes, to monkey swing, so come along and see if the special guest can keep up, or if he himself will flumox the dastardly duo.

As always its free entry before 10.30pm and £3 after, there is absolutely no dress code, though anyone wearing a smile will get preferential treatment.

And it’s at that summery venue in moseley..you know the one with the big soundsystem, the cool bar staff, friendly security…but never quite enough room for 4 decks in the dj booth? Yes folks its at the award winning Bulls Head, and we all hope you can be there to dance the night away in a carefree fashion 🙂

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