Oct 12, 2009

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Mr Elephant News & Reviews # 5 by Emily Poyser – The Correspondents

The Correspondents – A sexy twist on the 1930s

Beginning a set with a rendition of Jungle Book’s I wanna be like you can seem like a daunting task for some, but not The Correspondents.

This truly imaginative duo, comprising of DJ Chuckles and Mr Bruce, allow no time for talking, just pure 1930s big band revamped for the 21st Century.

Whenever these gents start a gig, there seems to be an influx of men in bow ties and ladies in high-wasted flapper dresses. Their sets drain any energy out of the room; just watching Mr Bruce strut his stuff leaves the most athletic out of breath. The Wandsworth swing-hip hop outfit never fail to impress at their gigs, ending with some incredible drum ‘n’ bass style finales, topped with lyrical virtuosity.

The Correspondents Live at The Globe

Chuckles, the musical mastermind, effortlessly selects jazzy and bouncy hip hop, which allows for Mr Bruce to MC, scat, sing and work his voodoo over the crowd.

The Correspondents, when they can drag themselves away from the usual London haunts, play some pretty exciting gigs, as well as the major festivals including Glastonbury and The Edinburgh Festival.

Their debut release, The Rogue EP, is available for download from www.soundspurple.com.


Update – if you like the correspondents you can hear them live on our 32nd Mr Elephant Radio show

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