About Us

Mr Elephant is an events organisation that was setup in 2007 to help showcase our City’s musical talent and create interactive and memorable events.

In our first 3 years we hosted 40 events at 6 venues in Birmingham and provided a platform for over 200 artists under our different guises of event. Our larger Mr Elephant Presents events aimed to bring the festival atmosphere to indoor events, combining interactive performance, live music, djs, visuals, midnight parades, mask and poodle making, workshops, awareness and fund raising and more. We also hosted family events or organised part of the larger events to cater for parents & kids, and we’ve hosted 2 monthly residencies and 2 bi-monthly residencies at 3 venues in order to showcase more of our musical & creative tapestry. The Party Rockin Mammal Sessions were to showcase underground electronic music, the Live & Free events focused on the live music side (although also gave a place for a different style of dj), the Cinephonic events explored the A.V world and the Intermix and Baboon Back Bar Sessions explored the more diverse and international sounds.

We also hosted a radio show on Rhubarb Radio, with 40 shows being aired until the station had to shut down, each of which (similar to the events), was to help showcase new music of all styles put together as a seamless listening experience or based around a theme. We also began reviews and reports of various events in the city, and collated everything on this website with links to all artists played on radio, all people involved with the events, and a video and photo footage for each one in order to help showcase those involved.

Mr Elephant was the brainchild of Marc Reck and was conceived with Pyn Stockman in Barcelona on Jan 1st 2007. On return to the UK from its 1st event in Feb 2007 Mr Elephant became a massive collaboration of all walks of people all putting their all into it for the love of what their respective part of the whole was. Our flyer tag line was Mr Elephant Presents Phat, Groundbreaking, Interactive Events, but also really wanted to try and use the large mammal to provide a meaningful platform to all who were involved. From the very first event our expectations were greatly surpassed which continued right up to through getting the more focused monthly residencies, with the vast majority of people involved finding paid or creatively nourishing opportunities from their involvement either as a direct result or as partook their existing journey.

Despite it’s increasingly nourishing success & stability, Mr Elephant required a massive amount of time and work, and we made the very difficult decision to take a break from Mr Elephant after our 3rd Birthday and 40th event so we could concentrate on other creative projects.

We have put links to all the artists played on the radio and all the people involved in the events for anyone that is interested in either, and expect to be relaunching Mr Elephant in some capacity in the future.

Until then, we hope you enjoy the content on the website and if you want to get in touch please feel free to get in touch

One Love

Mr Elephant